Details from Folk Materials in the “Moral of Georgia” by King Archil


  • Bela Mosia



moral, habits, rules


In our scientific work about “Moral of Georgia” we focus on some materials from folklore and traditions. The main value of “Moral of Georgia” is the motif of didactic and concern of value of the true stories. This literary heritage can not be without details from every day life in which the folklore exists. We have to mention that author is not only poet, but he is the king and he is the main actor of the process of moral life of the country from the point of view of culture, politics and literature. His main aim during working on this story is moral, education and there are discussed several folklore motifs and details from every day’s life. The method we choose for scientific work is comparative method with folklore. This work will be attempt not only for giving sense of the value of the story and author’s mastery but to show the different traditions kept in a country, storytelling, fortune telling, working traditions, knighthood, having fun, physical competitions, acrobats which are the part of moral and ethic of the nation.


გვარამაძე 2014 : სოფიკო გვარამაძე, არჩილ მეფის შემოქმედების მხატვრული სამყარო, სადოქტორო ნაშრომი შესრულებულია ფილოლოგიის დოქტორის ხარისხის მოსაპოვებლად, თბილისი 2014.

თოფჩიშვილი 2013 : როლანდ თოფჩიშვილი, ეთნოლოგიური მეცნიერების შესავალი, თბილისი 2013




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