Small business and social stability of society


  • Nino Maqatsaria



Small business, government support, business development strategy, social functioning of the business, the formation of the middle class, sustainable development


In any country in the world, the importance of small business development is great in establishing a stable economic and political environment. Small business is recognized as a guarantor of employment, revenues growth and social stability. In the development of small business, the state's particular interest lies in it's socioeconomic role. Solving problems in a small business is the same as sustained economic development. Development of small business has a special role in the regions of Georgia. Today an important issues are resolved for the development of entrepreneurship. "Rules of the game" of small business are relatively acceptable and stable. An administrative barriers ar fewer. Nevertheless there are still a number of problems in a small business development today. Many institutions of market infrastructure are not fully accessible to small entrepreneurs yet. Anty-monopoly activities are not enough. We don't have different approaches in small business policy by region specifics. The main problem of small entrepreneur is finances , expensive bank loans, which significantly interrupts start-up and development of new business.


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