Contemporary Challenges in the Georgian Education System


  • Nato Kobuladze
  • Teona Khupenia



New School Model, National Curriculum of the Third Generation, Thematic planning, School curriculum, Knowledge building


The Georgian Education System is in the process of constant updating and modification. Critical thinking competences and usage of theoretical knowledge into practice are one of the major challenges of the modern education system. The most basic,regulatory document for general education, the national curriculum has undergone gradual changes. At the above stages what, when and how the educational process should be implemented in Georgian Public Schools has been analyzed. What challenges did the teaching-learning and educational field face? It is important to focus on the similarities and differences of the national curriculum of all three generations. At present, special attention is paid to the most recent, Structural Analysis of the Primary Education of the Third Generation 2018-2024 National Curriculum.  It is also a novelty that daily subject planning has been replaced by thematic planning, each topic is processed throughout the level of primary education, the content of the learning is defined in relation to this particular topic and each stage is presented with a complexity of age-appropriate features.  The theme in the new National Curriculum has functional context, which allows to provide integrated and interrelated teaching of the issues of standardized results, concepts or specific issues. ”The new school model” is an important part of the planned reform in  the education system. Its purpose is to create a person-oriented educational environment, which will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for 21st century reality.


საბაზო საფეხურის ეროვნული სასწავლო გეგმა 2018-2024 – დოკუმენტის სამუშაო ვერსია (15.06.2019) (15.06.2019)




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