Perspnages like Rustaveli’s in a biographical novel (Rostom Chkheidze’s ‘Son of music’, ‘Days of storm’- cronicle of Merab Kostava’s life)


  • Nestan Pipia



The Knight in the Panther’s skin’, Tariel, Avtandil, Zviad, Merab


In the article a summary account and ideological meaning in the title of the biographical novel and in general allusive style of Rostom Chkheidze’s biographical novels is underlined. The author is drawing a parallel between ‘ The Knight in the Panther’s  Skin’ Tariel-Avtandil and Zviad-Merab, people of the 20-th century. (A real face of Avtandil-Tariel, their life style, knightly friendship is shown). By telling above mentioned novel in artistic and publicistic way the etimology each of the names is proved to make clear the research question, which leads to the main point. From the aesthetics of the title ‘Sons of music’ and ‘Days of storm’ the author links the way of Zviadi’s life to the highest art, eucharist and struggle against dictatorial regime, fight for the health of the nation’s conscious and soul. It is significant that documental materials in the novel are shown with amazing frankness. For true attitude, creativity and originality each passage is convincing. The reader shares the true friendship of these  two special friends who managed  to face the challenges in Georgia where the soviet darkness and arrogance of national movement was rising. Artistic peculiarity of the work is that it guides you to informatical  awareness through the deep lays of literature, music, politics and tells you everything with refined sequence. It is the method chosen by Rostom Chkheidze. This thick book carries true knightly friendship of  Merab Kostava and  Zviad Gamsakhurdia who where brought by fate on ruds of Konstantine Gamsakhurdia in Colchic tower. They were similar to Rustaveli’s personages, the way of struggling with evil was chosen by them in the same way.


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