Chronet and Creative Impulse


  • Nestan Pipia Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State University



Chronet, intuition, Bakhtin, romanticism, creative impulse


According to some works of N. Baratashvili and Adam Mickiewicz, attention is directed to the historic and literary time and space, pursuant to Bakhtin chronet theory. In both cases, historic reality - countries occupied by Russia, and literary space – rebellious spirit is expressed in human pains. In this context, “Fate Kartlis” by N. Baratashvili, “Pan Tadeusz” by Adam Mickiewicz and two other poems are discussed.Intuitive consciousness in the works of romanticists, who belong to the occupied country, is very interesting. This is proved in the poem “Pray” by N. Baratashvili and in the abstracts from the lectures by Adam   Mickiewicz. (He was a lecturer at the College de France in Paris for a certain time). Literary works show Adam Mickiewicz’s vision, “intuition is the knowledge from the soul depth: intutio – intus itio – penetration in yourself, internal experience, internal vision”. (http// In the final part of the research, it is concluded that literary chronet is merged with everyday chronet and universal chronet is revealed: common field of creatively related souls (N. Baratashvili and Adam Mickiewicz) which stands higher than real time and space and is united in the literary world.




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