Erosion of the basic human rights


  • Nugzar Saria Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi



Constitutional order, fundamental human rights, restriction of basic rights, security or freedom, preventive state


The modern world is unthinkable without a constitutional order, which is rightly perceived as one of the most important social values. Its main problem is basic human rights. Therefore, the regulation of relations between a person and the state, maintaining a balance between power and freedom is the main task of the law. The restriction of fundamental human rights must comply with the legitimate aim and must also be proportionate to it. Particularly common is the restriction of fundamental human rights associated with the commission of a crime, during which there are certain risks in the state system regarding the unlawful restriction of human rights. At the same time, there are radical changes in the field of security in the world. On the agenda is the question: security or freedom. Especially this problem has become aggravated after the terrorist acts in several countries of Europe and the USA. In response, civilized countries have passed restrictive laws. There was a danger of restriction of freedom. Legal state is obliged to fully respect the freedom recognized by the constitution and to ensure appropriate security. For this it is necessary to maintain a balance between power and freedom.

Author Biography

Nugzar Saria, Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi

Doctor of law, Associate Professor                                       


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