Reform of the territorial arrangement of the country as a precondition for the rapid development of the economy and business


  • Gela Svirava
  • Giorgi Svirava



natural increase of population, natural growth rate, GDP and regional GDP, new vision of territorial arrangement, prefecture, prefecture scheme, financial support for reform, sources of necessary financial resources


The natural increase of the population, the coefficient of natural increase, the urban and rural population, as well as the sown area and crop of agricultural lands, industry at the level of the country and regions are analyzed.  The GDP and the share of regional GDP in the GDP of the country is discussed, the regions are ranked according to the total GDP per capita and GDP by total volume. The number of village councils is described, it is noted that the lack of self-government at the village (community) and regional level is to some extent an obstacle to the development of democratic processes, it is the independent farmer of the village (community) in the modern environment who can become a contributing factor to the democratic development of the country. There are presented a new vision of the territorial arrangement and the number of regional, municipal and rural (community) electoral bodies and the election procedure, the scheme of prefectures and the scheme of territorial arrangement of the country. The distribution of the population and the total volume of GDP and GDP per capita in the new prefectures (administrations of the state representative) after the reform are given. The financial security of the reform is calculated. The financial resources, sources and anti-corruption components needed to implement the reform are discussed.


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